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The Zipper System is the ultimate external screening solution for any outdoor area or window. It offers privacy and protection from the sun, wind, rain, and insects all year round.

Your custom designed shades can be made in widths up to 5.8 metres, offering you an external solution to fit almost any area.

Motorized system that enjoy effortless and convenient operation with the simple touch of a button or handsfree voice control.


6063T5 ALUMINUM ALLOY with a heavy-duty double layer design. Outdoor grade powder coated with maintenance free and rust free material.

Wind Resistance

It's tested and certified to withstand the early beginning of hurricane-force winds and has a rating of up to 62 mph (if appropriately mounted).
For reference, at 62+ mph, widespread damage occurs like larger trees blown over and uprooted.

Wind Resistance: Level 10
Test Result: the sunshade products do not be damaged, and the sunshade materials do not be detached from the guide rail.


As part of our 5-year warranty, we will visit your Motorized Zipper Shades and carry out checks as required. During this period we provide free servicing of your Motorized Zipper Shades.

  • Integrated Frame System

Sleek integrated frame system assure you of the best possible protection against sun, wind and insects. The fabric rolls into an extruded aluminium tube, housed inside an accessible aluminium box. No screw holes in appearance.

  • Zipper System

Thanks to its zip guidance system, the fabric stays within the profiles, always providing optimum wind resistance performance. The zip is welded to the fabric, which makes the fabric and the terminal stable within the side guides.

  • Outdoor Fabrics

The fabrics used in our Zipper Shades guarantee outstanding strength, durability and performance. They provide excellent protection against UV radiation, are resistant to high temperatures and to the action of water, and remain dimensionally stable.

  • Water Drainage System

    Water Drainage System

    In the event of rain, the louvers close to provide complete protection. Water is channeled away discreetly through our internal drain hidden inside the pergola post. All loads are shared equally to its structure.

  • Rain Sensor

    Rain Sensor

    Rain sensor will automatically detect the rain and close your roof to prevent raindrops falling through open roof systems even if you are not able to control the system.

  • Professional Assembly

    Professional Assembly

    Our installation team is in-house personnel who has been working with us since the begining. The same hands have installed hundreds of bioclimatic pergolas over years.