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Color Option — Grey
Motorized Zipper Shades
Led Lights Option

Louver (W): 10ft / 120in
Projection (L): 10ft / 120in
Height (H): 8.5ft / 102in


Motorized aluminum frame pergola with adjustable louvers that open and close to allow just the right amount of sunshine to come in. Perfect for gathering without worry of sun or rain. Motorized Louvers with Rain Sensor and Cool White Led Lights.


6063T5 ALUMINUM ALLOY with a heavy-duty double layer design. Outdoor grade powder coated with maintenance free and rust free material.


Blades: 7.87" x 1.38", thickness 0.071 in
Main Beam: 7.87" x 3.94", thickness 0.098 in

Wind Resistance

It's tested and certified to withstand the early beginning of hurricane-force winds and has a rating of up to 62 mph (if appropriately mounted).
For reference, at 62+ mph, widespread damage occurs like larger trees blown over and uprooted.

What's included?

1x Motorized Louver System
1x Surrounded Led Lighting
1x Remote Control
1x Wall Switch
1x Sensor Rain
1x Mounting Kit
1x Product Manual


10-Year Warranty (Structure & Electrical related parts) & Built to Last 20+ Years

  • Bioclimatic Roof

We take advantage of the architecture of our house to install it using the support walls. In this case, we have a configuration open on both sides, only one side, or completely closed between walls, for example, to cover a patio.

  • Cool White Led Lighting

  • RGB Led Lighting

5100-6500K Led strips are integrated into the gutter profile with a power of 9,6 watt/meter.

Provides ultimate luxury by creating distinctive atmosphere in outdoor living areas with infinitive colour options. You can combine Red, Green and Blue colors to produce over 16 million hues of light.

  • Motorized Zipper Shades

An important innovation is the possibility to choose screens that are perfectly integrated into the frame on all sides. You have the choice between a wide range of colours and transparency of the screen fabric.

Bioclimatic Roof P-120

The Bioclimatic Roof can be a very effective enclosure for those who want to bring life to an interior patio, being able to close it completely on the rainiest days, turning it into a protected space 365 days a year.

  • Water Drainage System

    Water Drainage System

    In the event of rain, the louvers close to provide complete protection. Water is channeled away discreetly through our internal drain hidden inside the pergola post. All loads are shared equally to its structure.

  • Rain Sensor

    Rain Sensor

    Rain sensor will automatically detect the rain and close your roof to prevent raindrops falling through open roof systems even if you are not able to control the system.

  • Professional Assembly

    Professional Assembly

    Our installation team is in-house personnel who has been working with us since the begining. The same hands have installed hundreds of bioclimatic pergolas over years.